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Testimonials *

"Being the wife of a military officer in Calgary, I had to attend a lot of official military engagements. Having my clothes made by Elfriedé I always felt well dressed and very pleased with her creations. On one of my trips to Ottawa I wore a Russian styled overcoat, like one in the movie Dr. Zhivago that Elfriedé designed for me - walking down the street people actually stopped me and complimented me on my coat."
Mrs. Sheldr...

"I had always bought my clothes at Neiman Marcus. After meeting Elfriedé and experiencing her expert way with designs, the fit and quality of her workmanship, I decided to have my clothes made for me from then on."
Mrs. McDon...

"My clothes were made in the Dior Atelier in Paris, and my shoes custom made in Italy. After Mr. Dior passed away, I was looking for another atelier which would suit me. One of my friends in Calgary wore a gown designed by Elfriedé, and graciously let me in on her 'secret couturier', and I went to Elfriedé from then on. My shoes are still made in Italy but I send the fabric of each new outfit to Italy to have the shoes embellished with it."
Mrs. Bas...

"I’m a speaker in the financial investment industry. Having large groups of people watching me as I spoke created me great concern and anxiety about my appearance. After meeting Elfriedé and wearing her creations especially designed for me, I can focus completely on my speaking engagements, without worrying about my image. When I get compliments on my beautiful clothes, I think, " If you only knew how good they feel.""
Ms. Wate...

"My Stampede Riding Suit, made many years ago by Elfriede, took a lot of wear and dry cleaning, but it still looks as beautiful today as when it was made."
Former Calgary Stampede Princess

*The names of Elfriedé clients have been protected in respect for their privacy.

"One client whom I had particular pleasure in serving was Lady Patricia Brabourne, Daughter of the late Lord Mountbatten, who sent me a personal letter from Montreal before returning to England, thanking me for the Western dresses I made for her to wear as the guest of honour that year at the Calgary Stampede."
Elfriedé Holtkamp, Founder EHC